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About me

Aduro is a Latin verb which means

  • To burn,

  • To set fire,

  • To light,

  • Poetic of the fire (flame) of love…


This is the essence of all pictures. It brings out the energy in the image and blends them into a unique style which can project onto pictures. My name is Louis Aduro and my forte is to capture the perfect moment and to use different aspects of light to express the different angles of my work.


Louis Aduro is a Toronto base photographer who into photography over 5 years. He studied and graduated in lighting and portrait from college. He extended his technique into fashion for another year of university. After he was taught and trained by an industry recognized photographer. He develops his style of photography, a different style which is out of the ordinary.

This extraordinary style brings Louis Aduro to the next level of photography. The style makes him from a freelance to an internationally published photographer. Then he find himself fall in love with art nude photography. He believes female curves are the most pleasing thing to watch in the world. He would like to show and prove it to the world. He will continue to use his style combine with the art of nude and show the world a different aspect of art nude.

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